Neo-Bailey (continued)

Here’s another couple of images from the “March of the Mods” charity calendar shoot on behalf of Teenage Cancer Trust. Just to remind you (because you’re a regular reader, aren’t you?), a plucky handful of volunteer models came forward to pose for a series of images based on actual classic photographs from our beloved decade of the 1960’s by the likes of Bailey, Donovan and Duffy. 

This first image is of Jacqueline Jones, who was also one of the stylists during the shoot. The second shows Carmen (who conveniently bore an uncanny resemblance to Sandie Shaw)…

We’d be mightily grateful if you could buy one of these calendars! They’re just a fiver (£6.80 incl P&P) and we all worked for free so virtually all of it goes to the Teenage Cancer Trust. Get yours here –