Up Close And Personal: The Beat Goes Bang

Here’s a couple of images of The Beat (Goes Bang) that I shot during their rehearsal at Madhouse Studio in Birmingham. This was a bit of a deam shoot for me. Although I’d photographed a couple of the band members before, this was the first time I’d shot (for example) the Beat’s original and extremely photogenic drummer, the brilliant Everett Morton. This legend of the Two Tone era has the most distinctive drumming style and seeing him play close up reminds one just how much his style influenced the sound of the Beat on their recorded material.

Everett Morton of the Beat

Everett Morton of the Beat

More images of the rest of the band to follow. Eventually.

The Beat Goes Bang

Another “6 degrees of separation” chain of coincidences and connections. Sean Williams is an old friend of mine from the days when we played in a couple of bands together. He has modelled for a couple of workshops for me and also happens to be the cousin of Pete Williams of Dexys (who I’d met through the same bands) and so Pete kindly asked me to shoot some promo pictures for him a couple of years ago. Now Sean is playing with The Beat Goes Bang, a band consisting of members of original 2-Tone band, The Beat. Sean put my name forward to photograph this band too and so I was delighted to go along to their rehearsal in Birmingham last week to take some promo photos of them too.

I took along a couple of speedlites and took a lot more more images than I’d expected to, both inside and outside the studio. Here is one of the group shots from outside…

Sax In The City

I’ve been in a couple of bands with saxophonist Sean Williams (who is currently playing with Rudie & The Revolvers and ska legends The Beat) and so when I was thinking of musicians to pose for my group on the “Portfolio Booster” course, Sean immediately came to mind. The saxophone is, to my mind, a very photogenic instrument and Sean’s a photogenic guy so I was happy when he agreed. Here’s the first image from that shoot…