Physical Novel at BOM

This week I photographed more outfits by designer Ricky of Physical Novel. I’ve worked with Ricky many times before but this was the first shoot at my new studio at BOM (Birmingham Open Media). After the usual “white background” shots we had planned to head outside to get some more interesting location images to be headers for his website. Predictably though, the weather was awful and so we made use of the room next to my studio room within the BOM complex. Here are some of my favourite results…

I’m embarrassed to admit that I don’t remember the model’s name but you can see more of Ricky’s designs (and my photographs of them) here.

Physical Novel

You’re very honoured. You know that, don’t you? I’m about to share a few straight-out-of-camera and behind-the-scenes images with you. There, don’t say i don’t spoil you.

One of my regular and, I have to say, more fun clients is designer Ricky Simpson and his Birmingham-based unisex fashion company Physical Novel. Ricky has a particular look in mind from the shoots – studio shots are on white backgrounds as you would expect for an online business (although Physical Novel also have a boutique at Birmingham’s Custard Factory) and have to be the same angled views plus a few more creative poses. Here’s a clip from their webpage with images by me…

And more…

This is from their "lookbooks" section. Pictures by me.

This is from their “lookbooks” section. Pictures by me.

And a behind-the-scenes shot of Ricky straightening (a lot of this happens)….

Ricky "straightening".

Ricky “straightening”.

A couple of shots lifted straight from Physical Novel's "Lookbooks"

A couple of shots lifted straight from Physical Novel’s “Lookbooks”

And a couple of images straight from the camera, taken at Key Hill cemetery, with two of the models trying not to look terrified (quite an achievement)…


And speaking of models, Ricky has an uncanny knack of finding and selecting great models for his designs. I’ve taken the liberty of stealing a few for Fotofilia events.

Find out more about Physical Novel at and on Instagram as @physicalnovel