Travels With My Camera (part 3): Kristi

The FOTO-CLUB trip to Spain in September was based at a beautiful villa in the Mijas Golf development just inland from the Costa del Sol. The quaint “white village” of Mijas was a fifteen minute drive from the villa and provided an ideal backdrop for a “gypsy”-inspired shoot with ex-pat model Kristi.

I lived near Mijas for a number of years and so knew which parts of the village might make the best shoot locations. Apart from the narrow streets lined with whitewashed traditional houses, we also used the church door, village square (and it’s water features) and the “balcon” area that overlooked the coast below.

When needed, Kristi popped into local shops to change outfits. The white buildings acted like huge reflectors, bouncing the natural light beautifully even on the sunniest of days.

And finally, as you might imagine, in a busy tourist town like Mijas, our shoot attracted quite a bit of attention, with groups of Japanese tourists gathering to take photographs over our shoulders but I think this last photo sums it up – a man and his young son stop to watch Kristi as she walks by while his wife walks on ahead…

Travels With My Camera (part 1)

Although my sun tan is fading rapidly, I’m still basking in the afterglow of a lovely week-long trip to the Costa del Sol, the part of Spain that I lived in for almost 5 years. This time I had organised a group trip for FOTO-CLUB, staying in a lovely 5-bedroomed villa on the Mijas Golf development near Fuengirola.

The week consisted of 6 photo-shoots (with 5 models) in a wide range of locations, a bit of swimming in the villa’s pool, a day out to “The Lakes” via Al Chorro, and a fair amount of wonderful food and perhaps the odd cerveza.

I’ll post “proper” images from the trip here in the next few posts but for now, here are a few phone photos to give you a taster:

The first couple of shots are from a very productive morning’s shoot on the beach and at nearby Sohail Castle…

A day at The Lakes

A day at The Lakes

"The last meal" (before heading to the airport for the journey home)

“The last meal” (before heading to the airport for the journey home)

"Tigre", a regular visitor to the villa.

“Tigre”, a regular visitor to the villa.

One of the many wonderful tapas restaurants that we were obliged to sample.

One of the many wonderful tapas restaurants that we were obliged to sample.

There’ll be many more images from this trip to come, and hopefully a bit less like my holiday snaps.

AND another trip has now been scheduled. Flying on 25th March from Birmingham airport. 2 places remaining…