Travels With My Camera (part 2): Abby

I’m slowly getting around to editing my own images from the week of shoots in the sunny Costa del Sol with the very first FOTO-CLUB international photography holiday. I’ve started on them alphabetically so the first images I’m going to show you were actually taken just a few hours before we flew home.

The location is an eerily beautiful abandoned villa amidst large but very overgrown gardens. The house was once a B&B but the owner left a dozen or so years ago and has never been back. Consequently, the house’s decor is “quaint”, possibly even “quirky” by the standards of that time. But it provided us with a wide range of shooting possibilities. After a few abortive shots using the strobe, I usually ended up using the abundant, and lovely, natural light.

Here are a few of my favourite images of the lovely Abby…

Abby in one of the very odd bathrooms.

Abby in one of the very odd bathrooms.

Abby on the terrace

Abby on the terrace

Abby on the staircase.

Abby on the staircase.

And if you fancy joining us on the next trip in March 2017…

Emilie Steps In

A late cancellation by a model recently left me without a model for an apartment-based lingerie shoot. With just a few hours to go before the shoot, I frantically put out castings and thankfully, my regular model and good mate, the beautiful Emilie Walt offered to step in despite this being outside her usual range of genres.

Neither I nor any of my group were in any doubt that Emilie had not only saved the day but had provided us with some beautiful images. Here’s one example…

Lofty Ideas

Photographing interiors is something I don’t do much of but when a regular commercial client told me he’d developed some loft apartments in Birmingham for short term furnished rentals and the agent had failed to provide any satisfactory images, I was happy to have a go to see if I could do something different.

What made the challenge all the more appealing is that the developer/landlord had furnished each of the apartments in a boutique style using his extensive collection of vintage furniture and objets d’arts.

I used mainly daylight with occasional splashes of low-powered flash to fill shadows as needed in this lovely Victorian former industrial building.


It became clear from my conversation with the client that the images were as much about the details, and the lifestyle “feeling”, as about the fixtures and fittings. Previous images had been very “dark”, he’d told me, so I set about creating as light an atmosphere as possible.

Eventually, it was my images that the developer used.