Britpop United: Second Shoot

Here’s my second shoot with the excellent “Britpop United” in and around my very own Strangetown Studio. Their first shoot included a fifth member who later left the band and so new images were needed to reflect the new line-up. I have to say there seemed to be a better “vibe” about  the band this time around, with lots of banter and wind-ups.

I do enjoy band/musician shoots although it’s hard to avoid the cliches so it helps when the band already have a few ideas of their own and are aware of how their images are going to be used.  It also helps when the band come fully prepared with instruments and have discussed outfits in advance. Being a lovely bunch of guys is a bonus too.

I’m fortunate to have seen Britpop United (with this line-up) performing at a local scooter rally not long after they became a four-piece and thoroughly enjoyed their set.

You might be interested to have a look at Britpop United’s website, where you’ll find more photos plus videos and gig information.

Up Close And Personal: The Beat Goes Bang

Here’s a couple of images of The Beat (Goes Bang) that I shot during their rehearsal at Madhouse Studio in Birmingham. This was a bit of a deam shoot for me. Although I’d photographed a couple of the band members before, this was the first time I’d shot (for example) the Beat’s original and extremely photogenic drummer, the brilliant Everett Morton. This legend of the Two Tone era has the most distinctive drumming style and seeing him play close up reminds one just how much his style influenced the sound of the Beat on their recorded material.

Everett Morton of the Beat

Everett Morton of the Beat

More images of the rest of the band to follow. Eventually.

A Swift Harp

I’ve photographed the multi-talented Fran “Poppy Harp” Barsby quite a few times over the last couple of years and last week I had the opportunity to see the performing “harpist” and “event organiser” aspect of her very diverse range of talents.

Fran had organised a harp music event in Digbeth, Birmingham entitled Hidden Gem by The Future Blend Project and I (along with a couple of intrepid members of FOTO-CLUB) went along to record the event photographically.

The guys who arrived early were able to get some great shots of the setting up of the event as well as non-performers trying out some of the fantastic range of harps that were being prepared for the show.

However,  I arrived rather later (don’t ask) but was in plenty of time for the start of the show. What I hadn’t reckoned on, however, was that the concert was being recorded too which meant that our noisy DSLR shutters were messing up the sound recordings even from some distance away. This meant that I didn’t get as many shots of the performance as I would have liked but it was a very enjoyable evening and we were treated to some simply beautiful new compositions and performances. Here are a few shots from the event…

The lady herself - Fran Barsby

The lady herself – Fran Barsby

Maximum Harpist

An iconic image of The Who‘s Pete Townshend and his trademark “windmilling” guitar-playing style might seem like an odd starting point for promotional photographs of a harpist, now I come to think of it…

But Fran of “Poppy Harp” is no ordinary harpist (as you might have seen in previous posts). She’s the total antithesis of the traditional image of a classical harpist – you know, hair in a bun, twin-set, pearls, sensible shoes… She’s definitely on the rock and roll end of the harp-playing spectrum and I wanted to try a photograph which reflected that. So inspired by this classic mid-sixties promo poster for The Who…

…I came up with these…


Great fun. Many thanks to Fran for being such a great sport. See her website here