Another shoot from almost a year ago (August 2019 in fact – where did that year go?). Jess is a fabulous model I’ve worked with a few times and she returned for a workshop event at Strangetown Studio on a warm but windy summer’s day.















I think I first met Jess when she was modelling for a fashion designer and her fashion experience is very evident here, I think. But she’s much more than a fashion model – with that face, hair and figure, she could do pretty much anything! An absolute joy to photograph, as I hope these images convey.

Alex: The First Shoot

One from the vaults now to celebrate the welcome return of one of my external hard drives from the data recovery people (don’t ask)…

Sometimes, the first shoot with a model is enough to make you fairly certain that you’ll be working with them again. In this case, the stunning Alex┬ácame in to my (Fotofilia) studio in October 2014 to model for a simple group “Studio Roam” shoot where the whole premises were up for grabs as potential locations. Since then I’ve worked with Alex many times, from location shoots on frozen city streets to fashion shoots for one of my designer clients and she is always a delight to work with. So here are a few shots from that very first shoot:





Back Down To The River

For the past few years, once the worst of the frost has gone and our week of British summertime looked like it might be imminent, I’ve organised a “Nude In The Landscape” workshop at my friend’s beautiful riverside smallholding in rural Warwickshire. Even the rain hasn’t been able to spoil these lovely art nude photo-shoots.

And I’ve done it again. This year’s event takes place on Sunday 25th June starting at 10:30am and I’m delighted to announce that the model on this occasion will be the stunning Cally, a wonderful model who has previously featured in other location art nude events for me.


Here are a couple of images from the last event featuring the superb Rosa Brighid to give you an idea of the setting…







Amber In Mono

As has become customary during a model shoot, I grabbed a few phone shots of the wonderful Amber Tutton when she featured in the recent “Special Studio Evening”. I used the very versatile “Vignette” app to take a couple of monochrome images because I love the beautiful tonality that this app displays.
In this case, I fine-tuned the initial image in the “Snapseed” app (a little softening mainly) and I really like the end result.


In case anyone’s interested, my phone is a Samsung Galaxy S5.

Here Is The Muse

Finding a reliable, personable, professionally-minded model is hard enough – but if you’re lucky, one model in a million might turn out to be the one that inspires you creatively and is the one that is always given first option on any job that comes up. A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to find such a person, quite new to modelling at the time but with (as many of the best models have) a performance background.

Emilie Walt, who goes by the modelling name of Lady Emilie Rebecca Walt, has been as close to a “house model” as we’ve ever had at Fotofilia. She spends almost as much time at the studio as I do! She’s modelled for everything from one day beginners courses to film noir-inspired shoots, dance shoots and even two successful “studio days”. She has even been the studio’s avatar model for our facebook and twitter accounts pretty much 100% of the time.

Emilie is a rare creature. Creative, confident, conscientious – but also with a marvellous bone structure (a cliche, but true in this case), flawless complexion, clear bright eyes and the chameleon-like ability to transform herself into pretty much I ask her to.

And so don’t be surprised if you see quite a few pictures of her here – she’s hopefully going to be around for a while.