Force Of Nature: Tanya Atherton

Tanya Atherton

Tanya Atherton

Tanya Atherton is a force of nature. I was exhausted just watching her rapidly go through her repertoire of several million poses during the FOTO-CLUB “Special Studio Evening“. I don’t anyone would suggest you don’t get value for money with Tanya – she’s a photographer’s dream! Whether working at the wall, on the floor, or using the paper backgrounds, she was unbelievably creative, utilising every item of clothing and every inch of her body to provide a seemingly infinite range of looks.

We’ve booked some amazing models for the “Special Studio Evenings” (including Amber Tutton, Ivory Flame, Stephanie Dubois, Salleh Sparrow, Valis Volkova, Natalia Fox etc) and Tanya certainly earned her place among them. A great fun shoot.





Rude To Stair: Rosa Brighid

Rosa Brighid by David Rann. You definitely can’t have too much of a good thing. The stunning Rosa Brighid followed up two successful location workshops for Fotofilia  with a (fairly hastily-arranged but no less successful) studio shoot at the Fotofilia studio. Lots of images I could post but here’s a very quick edit of Rosa gracing the spiral staircase.