7 Days: The Premiere

As it’s Oscars week, I’d like to share a few images from a film premiere that I was privileged to photograph a few weeks ago. I previously mentioned providing stills for Pixel Revolution, the team producing “7 Days: The Story Of Blind Dave Heeley“. Well, the film had it’s long-awaited premiere in front of a capacity crowd at Birmingham Rep on 1st February and I photographed the crew and cast in front of the media wall as well as the live Q&A session that took place on the stage after the screening.

Congratulations to Nigel, the cast and the team. Here is a trailer for the film…


The Day I Shot A KGB Mind Reader

Some shoots are just fun. I mean FUN!

One of my favourites this year has to be when Joe, whose act is as “Boris Nicoli: KGB Mind Reader”, came into the studio a couple of months ago for some new promo shots. With a great range of props and ideas, and ably assisted by Fotofilia “house model” Emilie Walt and a suitably taciturn Eastern European accordion player, Joe was an amazing subject.

Boris and Natasha (aka Joe and Emilie)

I think the funniest moment of the day was when “Boris” hurriedly popped out to top up the parking meter, still sporting uniform, hat and gun. The warden was already at the car writing a ticket. Boris asked “You wouldn’t give me a ticket, would you comrade?”. But, typically for Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, he did.

I’ll share a few more images from this shoot (there are quite a few different set-ups as you can see) in the next post but in the meantime, if you’d like to know more about these wonderful characters, have a peep at http://www.borisnicoli.co.uk/