Photography has never been about equipment for me. I’ve seen enough “all the gear, no idea” johnnies to convince me of that. But I never dreamed that one of my favourite means of photographic capture would be… a phone. It all started when I read about the amazing work of Dan Burkholder in the wonderful Silvershotz magazine. The seed was sown. And then the seed was watered and nurtured by the iphoneography pioneer and visionary Nettie Edwards. I was soon hooked, and although I still love my DSLR, I love the portable, inconspicuous, immediacy of iphone photography.

I set up (along with the aforementioned Nettie Edwards) the official Birmingham Instagram Group – you’ll still find me on Instagram as @davidrann and the B.I.G. as @igersbirmingham. I use Instagram for iphone photographs only.

I’m also more than a little proud that the very first “iphoneography” course in the country took place at my studio, Fotofilia, with Nettie Edwards as tutor.

I’ve gone on to exhibit my iphone images as prints. I’m currently working on two iphoneography projects: “Birmingham Noir” and “Little Princess Diaries“. Here’s some examples of my iphone work…

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