Boxing photography – whether providing promotional images, action shots from the fights themselves or behind-the-scenes documentary – has become an increasingly regular aspect of my day-to-day work.

What started as a uni project, documenting the fabric of my local amateur boxing club (Priory Park ABC) before its scheduled demolition, has since become a passionate interest in the sport of boxing in general, and the fighters and trainers of Priory Park ABC in particular.

Talking to the trainers¬†and parents of the young fighters soon made me realise that there’s much more going on at Priory Park than simply boxing. The gym is a place of refuge, of inspiration and discipline. The fighters come from all sections of the community but all gain from the discipline, team spirit and mentoring that Paul Gough and his team of trainers provide. The fighters look up to the trainers in a way that some don’t look up to parents, teachers, or even the police.

My project at Priory Park culminated in an exhibition at Fotofilia entitled “Pride of the Black Country“. But I have continued to be involved with the club, covering all of their club competitions and exhibition shows over the last couple of years as well as images for the local press.

In addition, I regularly cover “white collar” boxing events for a Birmingham-based gym.

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