I’m a full-time professional photographer and photography tutor based at my studio, in  Birmingham, UK.

If pushed, I’d probably say I specialise in “people photography” of all types but I also regularly undertake distinctly non-human commercial/product photography commissions and although primarily studio-based, I’m equally at home on location shoots.

Since first picking up a camera in earnest in the mid-1980’s, I’ve exhibited fairly widely in the UK (and recently, Europe) and my “Gingerfest/Mc1R” project (which was roundly and comprehensively condemned by my MA lecturers at the University of Wolverhampton) attracted international media attention. I’ve been teaching photography at all levels since 2004 and derive great pleasure in the distinctive sound of pennies dropping. I run my photography training trading under the name FOTO-CLUB.

After living abroad for a few years, I came back and a somehow managed to scrape through an MA in Fine Art (2009) and BA (Hons) Photography First Class (2007).

Always open to ideas, bass-monkey, lifetime pizzaholic, and occasionally grumpy.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi David, I hope you are well. You took a picture of my boyfriend Mark Cheetham at his first white collar boxing match at Gatecrasher in June. I’d like to buy a copy of it please, I can email you the picture of which photo it is, what’s your email address please?

    Thank you,


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