Forthcoming Workshops At Strangetown Studio

I recently announced 3 new workshops and 2 model shoots to be held at (my) Strangetown Studio in Birmingham. There is still at least 2 spaces left on each of the workshops, one of the model shoots (the first to be announced) is now full but there are two spaces left on the second one. Here’s the flyer…

The model shoot features the stunning Alex, who is no stranger to my studio and always a joy to photograph. You won’t need any studio experience to join our friendly little group for this session, just a camera that is able to connect to our studio flash (contact me if you’re unsure).

The remaining workshops are as follows…


Monday 9th March 7-10pm. Venue: Strangetown Studio

A one-off mostly-practical introduction to studio flash using various lighting modifiers and techniques. A real model (or models) will be used to demonstrate principles so bring along your camera to learn-as-you-shoot.

Aim: Confidently use electronic studio flash, whether in an established studio or setting up you own.

Price: £45.   Maximum Group Size: 5



Wednesday 25th March 7-10pm.  Venue: Strangetown Studio

Bring along your own laptop or just watch and make notes as I take you through the most useful Photoshop functions. This one-off workshop is suitable for beginners and ideally you’ll have a recent version of Photoshop pre-installed. Please contact me before booking to clarify which PS version you’re using or for tips on buying PS for the first time. Bring your own photos to work on or I will supply samples for you to play with.

Aim: Take your first steps in using the industry standard photo-editing suite on your own images in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Price: £40.  Maximum Group Size: 6



Sunday 26th April 10am-1:30pm.  Venue: Strangetown Studio

Historically this has been an extremely successful workshop. Learn about the technical, creative, lighting, posing, gender and psychological considerations involved when photographing people. Unsurprisingly, this is a partly practical workshop using real models so bring your camera.

Aim: Understand what makes a good portrait and how to produce one.

Price: £55.  Maximum Group Size: 6

Get in touch for enquiries and booking.

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