On Safari, Brum-style.

I’m very much looking forward to this week’s FOTO-CLUB “Night Photo Safari“. It’s been quite a while since we ran one and I’d almost forgotten to schedule any. Of course at this time of year, at least part of the 7:30-10pm slot will still be pretty light but that’s fine – we’ve done Springtime walks before and it’s actually a very different experience to the wintertime ones with a few other locations becoming usable. Less opportunity for light trails etc perhaps but more chance to photograph the model I’ll be bringing along (which I’m sure most people would consider a decent trade-off). All of these images used on the flyer were shot on Night Photo Safaris and the one of Emilie (in the hat) was shot at roughly this time of year.

Here’s the flyer if you fancy bagging one of the last couple of spaces…


From The Archives: Ivory Flame a la Burne-Jones

When I took this image of the beautiful Ivory Flame a year or so ago, I gave it this particular effect in post-production with, somewhere in the back of my mind, a Pre-Raphaelite painting that I’d seen in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (BMAG). To this day, I can’t remember exactly which image it was but I suspect it was one of the museum’s huge collection of paintings by Sir Edward Burne-Jones. I’ll remember if it’s the last thing I do. And it might be.

Not quite the painting I had in mind by Burne-Jones.

Not quite the painting I had in mind by Burne-Jones.

Force Of Nature: Tanya Atherton

Tanya Atherton

Tanya Atherton

Tanya Atherton is a force of nature. I was exhausted just watching her rapidly go through her repertoire of several million poses during the FOTO-CLUB “Special Studio Evening“. I don’t anyone would suggest you don’t get value for money with Tanya – she’s a photographer’s dream! Whether working at the wall, on the floor, or using the paper backgrounds, she was unbelievably creative, utilising every item of clothing and every inch of her body to provide a seemingly infinite range of looks.

We’ve booked some amazing models for the “Special Studio Evenings” (including Amber Tutton, Ivory Flame, Stephanie Dubois, Salleh Sparrow, Valis Volkova, Natalia Fox etc) and Tanya certainly earned her place among them. A great fun shoot.





Don’t Call Me Scarface

There was only ever one model in the frame to play the ubiquitous “Bond Villain” in the FOTO-CLUB “Bondesque” shoots – Mike Hanley. I’ve worked with Mike before so knew him to be a versatile character model but was delighted when he agreed to be “disfigured” by brilliant Make-up Artist Toni Cheshire. Well, he wouldn’t be a Bond Villain without some sort of disfigurement would he? Even the temporary paralysis of one side of his face didn’t put Mike off his stride. A real trooper.

Yes, the scar was entirely fake and provided by MUA Toni.