New Blood: Tanya Barad

I love our “New Blood” shoots. I get to meet and work with 3 new models in one evening and I’m rarely disappointed with the models that I’ve selected from the many who answer my casting calls.

This is Tanya Barad. She’s an incredible mixture of Iranian, Spanish and lots more and has a great look, I think.

Tanya Barad by David Rann

Tanya Barad by David Rann

Laura: Birmingham Noir

Laura from "Birmingham Noir" by David Rann

Believe it or not, this is one of my favourite ever photographs (that I’ve taken). In fact, it’s two photographs – the background was taken on the Birmingham canal towpath and the portrait of the wonderful Laura (NearMiss DiZaster) was shot in the studio.

What the two images have in common is that they were both taken on an iphone 5, edited on the same phone, and combined using the “Juxtaposer” app – again, on the iphone.

The resulting image was part of a series I called “Birmingham Noir” which has since been exhibited in Athens and Mexico. There’s something about Laura’s amazing eye contact on this that just makes it for me.

Rude To Stair: Rosa Brighid

Rosa Brighid by David Rann. You definitely can’t have too much of a good thing. The stunning Rosa Brighid followed up two successful location workshops for Fotofilia  with a (fairly hastily-arranged but no less successful) studio shoot at the Fotofilia studio. Lots of images I could post but here’s a very quick edit of Rosa gracing the spiral staircase.