One To Watch: Lottie Locke

Every once in a while, a new model appears on the scene that, even from their first tentative portfolio shots, is clearly destined for a very bright future in the industry. Charlotte “Lottie” Locke (from Walsall) is one such young model. With a look that is reminiscent of Scarlett Johansson, and possibly even Brigitte Bardot, I was very surprised to find that Lottie is just 16 years old! Luckily – and very wisely – her mom and dad (Sara and Craig) are handling her modelling bookings and act as agents, minders and, like most parents of teenagers, chauffeurs. More shots of Lottie soon…

A very switched-on young lady as well as her obvious other qualities, I’m delighted to have been among the first photographers to have worked with her – even if I might not be able to afford to work with her in a year’s time!

In case you’re wondering, this was shot on my Nikon with a 50mm f1.4 lens during “golden hour” in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. I think I also used a small splash of flash on this shot too to fill in the shadow and add a little sparkle to her eyes.

A Moving Photoshoot

When I was asked whether I would shoot some video for a singer/songwriter/guitarist I initially replied that I didn’t really have the kit. But then I realised that my humble Nikon D7100 had a supposedly pretty good video function that I’d never even used! As this was a “straightforward” add-on to a planned promo stills shoot, I decided to give it a go.

Behind-the-scenes phone shot of Andrew Morton's video shoot.

Behind-the-scenes phone shot of Andrew Morton’s video shoot.

I’ve photographed Andrew before when he was in a band but this was the first time I’d seen/heard his solo work. He gives Jacques Brel and Scott Walker amongst his influences and that was certainly apparent in his excellent original material.

I shot the video on my 50mm f1.4 lens at f2 using a single spotlight provided by the modelling light on one of my Bowens flash heads. The background was grey, lit to be almost (but not quite) black.

Andy sang live to a prepared backing track and this mixed audio was fed straight to my Nikon. This meant that Andy was creating the music as we filmed but this proved to be no problem at all with very little need for re-takes.

And the result? I was AMAZED at the quality of the video and sound. This has definitely given me the taste for further exploiting the video function on my D7100 and I’m now dreaming up some video projects (I did a fair bit of moving image as part of my MA Fine Art but the quality was never as good as those delivered by my Nikon).

I’ll share some edited video as soon as Andy publishes it.