New Model Talent: Bilal (Bill)

I try very hard to maintain a list of great models that I can call upon for my various projects, workshops and clients’ shoots and once “tested” I will often give Fotofilia Club members and students the chance to photograph the best of them.

In this case, Bilal Rashid (or Bill, as he allowed us to call him) replied to a casting for another job but although he missed out on that one, I was sure I wanted to work with him eventually and so he was booked for the Fotofilia “New Blood” Studio Evening event earlier this week along with two female models.

In my opinion, Bilal is an outstanding male model – quietly confident with a great “presence” and an unusually good range of expression which makes photographing him a dream. Here are some of my own favourite shots…

Bilal by David Rann 2015

Bilal by David Rann 2015


Bilal by David Rann 2015

Bilal by David Rann 2015

I’ll post more in a couple of days but for the tech-minded, these were taken on my girlfriend’s Nikon DSLR (I was waiting for my new Nikon to be delivered but it arrived the following day) with a 50mm f1.8 lens and the lighting was simply the continuous modelling lights from my Bowens flash heads rather than using the flash itself.

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