The Great Daisy Instagram Mystery

I don’t use Instagram as much as I used to. Imagine my surprise then when a photo I posted over 3 years ago suddenly started getting LOTS more likes. At the time of writing it’s gone from 40 or so likes to about 230 in about a week plus lots of comments. The image was taken on my iphone in the studio of model Daisy Pooley-Tolkien. And this is how it looks…

Copyright David Rann

Copyright David Rann

I was, and am, very pleased with this little image. But I’m still trying to figure out why it’s suddenly and belatedly had this resurgence of interest. When I asked my Facebook “friends”, the concensus seems to be that it must have appeared in a blog or something which has referred lots of people back to my profile. To add to the mystery, other photos of Daisy on my profile have also attracted lots more likes but on nothing like the same scale. Here they are…

If you have any ideas as to why these images have suddenly become so popular, please let me know?

My Instagram account is @davidrann if you’d like to see more…

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