Physical Novel at BOM

This week I photographed more outfits by designer Ricky of Physical Novel. I’ve worked with Ricky many times before but this was the first shoot at my new studio at BOM (Birmingham Open Media). After the usual “white background” shots we had planned to head outside to get some more interesting location images to be headers for his website. Predictably though, the weather was awful and so we made use of the room next to my studio room within the BOM complex. Here are some of my favourite results…

I’m embarrassed to admit that I don’t remember the model’s name but you can see more of Ricky’s designs (and my photographs of them) here.

2 thoughts on “Physical Novel at BOM

  1. David 

    Nice article … but can you remember the name of the model from Sunday afternoon … I would like to send her a couple of images.

    I love the use of the concrete blocks in some of the images images but probably a bitch to move around !!! not your usual posing cubes …

    It was a good session yesterday afternoon – I really enjoyed exploring the potential of the Olympus equipment – the body has a lot of features and a lot lighter than the monster that I use …

    See you tomorrow evening



    • Thanks Steve. Sunday’s models were Emilie (obviously) and Alex Shanks. Will send you her email address.

      I used the Olympus EM-1 for a product shoot and I doubt I’ll use my Nikon again having seen the results.

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