Lighting Courtesy Of God

I have a notorious knack for arranging locations shoots a week in advance only for an arctic blizzard to begin an hour before the model is due to turn up. And that’s in June! So it was a pleasant surprise when, for once, a location shoot scheduled for a summer’s evening’s “golden hour” turns out to be just that – a golden hour.

On this occasion it was a shoot that I organised for Fotofilia CLUB and f2 members with the lovely model Charlotte Morris making her debut appearance at a club event. We used a couple of tried and trusted locations around Brum’s lovely Jewellery Quarter and then somewhere I haven’t used in quite a few years – a local multi-storey car park.

But what really made this shoot special was the exquisite light – low, warm and bright.

Unusually for this kind of shoot, I didn’t take a reflector along, or a strobe for that matter, and so with the exception of some relatively weak overhead lighting in the car park, all of the lighting in these shots is pure “golden hour” sunshine.

3 thoughts on “Lighting Courtesy Of God

  1. Nice set David from a very successful shoot. It shows how we all managed to get good pictures from a little wander around a city centre location. Thanks for organising it, we should do more.

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