From The Archives: “Thought Parade”

In the process of clearing out some old CD’s I found lots of images that I’d forgotten I’d even taken. Usually, six months after taking an image, I’m already bored of it, or in some cases even embarrassed by it (anyone else feel this way?).

However, these images from 2006 of the Worcester-based band “Thought Parade” were a pleasant surprise. I’m actually still quite pleased with them, even though I seemed to have been deeply immersed in the wonders of Photoshop duo-tones at the time. In my defence, these images were intended for their website and CD covers and this was a look they wanted and, as I remember, were very pleased with (I even recieved a bottle of wine and a “thank you” card from the parents of Rich Blunt, the band’s mega-talented singer/guitarist/songwriter).

Thought Parade. Photographed in a small studio in Willenhall.

Thought Parade. Photographed in a small studio in Willenhall.

Thought Parade on the Wolverhampton canal-side.

Thought Parade on the Wolverhampton canal-side.

Thought Parade in Wolverhampton.

Thought Parade in Wolverhampton.

At this time, I was also doing some music promotion under the name “Reaction Music Promotions” and Thought Parade was one of the bands that emerged as being a major talent – a great live band as well as producing some excellent recording before Rich moved to Cardiff and formed another band.

I’ll be revisiting the archives again in future posts as I have literally THOUSANDS of negatives and transparencies from twenty-odd years of photography.

PS. I’ve just discovered Richard is now an AMAZING fine artist based in Cardiff –

4 thoughts on “From The Archives: “Thought Parade”

  1. Haha, thanks David! What a flash back to the past, I haven’t seen these photos for years!! Really enjoyed the reaction gigs, were my favourite times gigging back then! Thanks again!

  2. I still have a cd with all of the images on somewhere!! I stumbled across the site today because I was talking to my class about artists who paint figures, and mentioned Rich, typed thought parade into Google, this popped up etc, etc. My iPod occasionally throws up Though Parade from time to time too! So that’s at least 2 people who listen!

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